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Clare Carswell MA(RCA), is a British Irish artist working with performance and drawing to make works for the gallery, for platform events and in the public space. She makes works that reach non-art as well as art going audiences. She has performed in a bathroom, a cathedral, a chateau, at a birthday party, in gardens and in the street.

Since lockdown in 2020 she has been making solo works to camera and handmade books.


Recent works have hovered between ward round and slapstick as they reference the tragedy and comedy in inhabiting a changing older body, the need to maintain and test endurance and strength, and the ability to motivate and connect with others through acts of imagination. 

In other works Clare draws on her family history of migration from Ireland as she contrives acts of arrival, greeting, welcome and temporary settlement. The works reach into the embodied memories of the diaspora and ponder the impulse for identification of place as home.

​You can view Clare's recent performance works here 

Clare has an enduring studio based drawing practice and produces drawings and limited edition prints from them. You will soon be able to view some on this site and purchase through a store.

She opens her studio to visitors annually and teaches drawing and painting to small classes in her studio in the Vale of White Horse, South Oxfordshire.


Clare curates the work of other artists through her curation project COU COU

With artist Peta Lloyd she runs the BIDDY project showcasing the work of older women artists. They curated the very successful BIDDY performance art programme for FaB Fringe Arts Bath 2022

They lead the BIDDY BOOST research and production group for older women artists in Oxfordshire.


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